Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Think

I believe only in the supreme power (known to theists as the 'god'). If I want to understand or know about anything from the holy scriptures, I read and I infer with my mind and understand with my heart. I believe that the depth of the knowledge is in the depth of understanding a particular thing, and not only in quoting references. Preachers should only do two things: 1) guide the literates to read the holy scriptures and 2) educate the illiterates so that they are able to read. Preachers should not try to impose their inferences to the listeners/seekers. Answering a yes/no type of question by contextually linking the topic to 100+ references from the holy scriptures does not make the listener more content. The listener/seeker should be provided with the knowledge so that he/she becomes intelligent and helps him to live a good life by making proper decisions. To give an example, a person should be able to decide himself whether illegal download from the internet is ethical or not. The person should not decide that nothing has been told about this in the holy scriptures and hence it is not wrong!! That leads world nowhere.

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